Decentralized and peer-to-peer nature of the Titanium BTC Coin network it becomes more robust and resilient.

We at Titanium BTC Coin ensure the best in class and the most advanced encryption technology present. Our blockchain technology allows Titanium BTC Coin the capability of surpassing Bitcoin and other digital currencies when it comes to the speed of money transaction. The blockchain system allows you the ability to protect your account from all attacks. Your transaction cannot be breached and compromised.

By virtue of the decentralized and shared nature of the Titanium BTC Coin arrange it ends up being more vivacious and adaptable as it winds up doubtlessly greater. We encourage all customers to run a full center, in case they can. Running an Titanium BTC Coin center point does not yet require a huge measure of taking care of energy, yet it requires two or three gigabytes worth of plate space to store the blockchain, and there will be some impact on your information exchange limit especially from related centers that are compensating for lost time with the blockchain. The most direct way to deal with run a Titanium BTC Coin hub, without affecting your home information transmission, is to purchase a VPS (Virtual Private Server).


Staking in Titanium BTC is the easiest way to earn Titanium BTC Coins. The moment from when you acquire Titanium BTC coins or tokens it becomes a daily interest-bearing asset for you.

You just have to exchange your BTC/ETH with Titanium BTC Coin and wait for 10 days to get started with Titanium BTC Staking program and up to 1% daily interest on your Titanium BTC holding.


Titanium BTC Lending platform will be introduced to the Titanium BTC dashboard after the conclusion of the ICO period. You could invest your Titanium BTC coins or tokens in the Titanium BTC Lending program and could avail daily profit based on volatility software. When your Titanium BTC Lending program investment term will be ended you will GET YOUR CAPITAL BACK or you could reinvest it to continue getting the profit.


Mining of Titanium BTC coin can be done to generate new Titanium BTC coins and to receive block rewards for mining Titanium BTC coins. Mining can be simply done by any suitable hardware with the help of the mining program provided by our developers. Mining will increase the supply of Titanium BTC coins in the market and will help to fulfill the increasing demands of Titanium BTC coin over time.


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