ICOs Cryptocurrency Wallet & Payments

Titanium BTC is a 3rd generation wallet platform. The Titanium BTC Token uses Ethereum technology on the blockchain and is used as an incentive and utility token on the Titanium BTC platform.
Titanium BTC is essentially a wallet service. This service uses just one platform to do a multitude of tasks. Users can make e-payments using their credit cards, buy and sell their cryptocurrencies, or use a wide array of services on board. This gives its users an intuitive way to manage all their assets in a single spot.
Put simply, Titanium BTC combines the platform and token to virtually everything – from your credit and debit card e-payments, to crypto and fiat e-wallets – in the same place. At the same time, it provides numerous integrated services, like an online mall, the ability to pay utility bills, bike rentals, and more.

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